Quick colour analysis when out shopping

August 9, 2014 Posted by dpaskov - No Comments

How to quickly determine  if a COLOUR works wonders for your skin tone.

Before buying another top  to add to your wardrobe, it would be great to know how to choose colours that flatter your skin tone. Choosing the wrong colour can make your skin and hair appear dull, while the right colours for your skin tone can make you look vibrant and super healthy.

If you buy the wrong colour I guarantee you won’t wear it. You will put on that pretty new blouse, look in the mirror and something will be amiss. You won’t like your outfit. This used to happened to me every time I put on a white T shirt. And I would promptly change into another colour that made me feel and look better. That was my subconscious mind subtly telling me white was not for me! Off white looks much better next to my warm skin tone if you want to know.

So there you are in the shop, and you come across a pretty coloured blouse. Maybe it’s a colour you haven’t worn before. Or maybe you decided to introduce more colour into your neutral/monochrome wardrobe, and it’s your first day at the shops. It can be daunting just looking at all the different colours let alone picking the right one to bring out the ‘gorgeous’ in you!

You hold the blouse up to your face facing the mirror wandering if the colour makes you look pretty and fun or if it’s bringing out the dull dull dull! How can you tell if you are new to colour? Even for the experienced  it’s hard to tell sometimes and other times you just know when the colour is perfect for you. I have been there before…that is before I got my colour analysis done. Now that I know what colours suit me shopping is a breeze! OK back to your pretty coloured blouse…..

So how do you actually decide if a colour compliments your skin tone? Easy peasy!

1. Hold a garment up to your face.

2. Close your eyes, wait three seconds, then open your eyes and look at your face.

3. If your attention is drawn AWAY from your face to the colour of the garment, it’s NOT the colour for you.

4. If your eyes are still on your face then you my darling have hit the colour jackpot! That colour is a good match!

So there you have it, one way to do a quick colour analysis that is sure to impress your girlfriends or even your partner next time you’re out shopping. I did tell you it was easy! Now go forth my lovely and wear colour with confidence!