“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” – Hardy Amies

mens image and styleUsing the services of an accredited Style Coach™ is an investment that you will use for the rest of your life. When you feel good about how you look you feel you can do anything!

The first impression that you have on people can mean the difference in a door opening or closing on an opportunity that could bring success into both your business and /or personal lives.

Caring about how you present yourself to the world is not vain or a waste of time, in fact it is commonly associated to healthy self-esteem, healthy levels of self worth and shows that you take yourself seriously.

The way you present yourself affects how others perceive you, so it makes sense to use your appearance as a powerful tool, whether you’re applying for that high paying job, closing an important sale, or wanting that beautiful girl to say yes to a date!


Style mistakes that will hold you back include:

  1. Not wearing clothing that fits
  2. Not dressing for the occasion
  3. Mismatching patterns
  4. Mismatching colours
  5. Not dressing to your body type
  6. Buying a lot of clothing (quantity), but not the RIGHT clothing (quality)
  7. Failing to pay attention to the details.

If you need a style update, Style Edge is here to help!

Our services are aimed at men that need to look good, but don’t necessarily have the time, inclination, or knowledge to do it themselves. Men that have changed weight, been promoted at work or are back on the dating scene would also benefit from a style makeover.

If you would like to improve and update your image, our Style Coach™ will work with you to achieve a cool, contemporary, and classy image, tailored specifically for you based on your budget, and lifestyle needs. We’ll help you redefine your style, edit your wardrobe and replace the discards with pieces that will raise your style quotient! You will learn how to dress for your body shape and your most flattering colours. Our qualified Style Coach™ will help you develop the confidence to dress consistently better and take pride in your personal appearance.

To your surprise and delight, getting dressed will become a more enjoyable experience.
Just imagine all the freedom and time you’ll gain having a well-organised and stylish wardrobe!

f you are ready for an image makeover, take a look at our MEN’S EXPRESS STYLE & WARDROBE REVIEW.

Book a Style Coach™ today and transform your look and your attitude! You deserve to ‘own your style with confidence!’


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