Men’s Express Style

men express styleAre you surviving with a wardrobe full of odds and ends where nothing really goes together? Are you a little lost about what to wear to work or social engagements? You hate shopping, you’re confused with all the choices and never really know what suits you?

Let Style Edge guide you in your quest to improve your style!

Out friendly Style Coach™ will get you looking stylish in no time and make shopping trips fun again! Our overall objective is to put together a modern streamlined wardrobe that will work efficiently for you and make dressing for any occasion easy.

Step 1 We start with an initial consultation and a questionnaire to discuss your lifestyle requirements, style objectives and your budget if you plan on investing in new items. We analyze your Style Personality and assess your body shape and go over the simple style rules to keep in mind when dressing your body shape. We also discover your most flattering colors with the Color Analysis.
Step 2 We will go through your wardrobe and assess what’s working and what’s not and show you why. Our expertise is FIT. You will be trying on most things in your wardrobe. This is where we teach you HOW your clothes should fit for the most flattering line by showing you in front of the mirror so you never buy the same mistake again! We’ll go through your shoes and accessories too!

Step 3 We will show you how to style the remaining pieces in your wardrobe and suggest items that you could add to advance your style.

Finally you will learn valuable tips on how to organize, store and care for your clothes so they last.

Your investment is $300

Why not add a PERSONAL SHOPPING session with our Style Coach to get the most out of your Style & Wardrobe Review.

Book a Style Coach™ today and transform your look and your attitude! You deserve to ‘own your style with confidence’!


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