meet your style coachDaena Paskov is the principal Style Coach™ at Style Edge.
She holds an Honours Diploma in Style Coaching™ from the Style Coaching Institute®.                                                                                                         
Since studying Fashion Design, she has had more than 15 years experience working in the fashion industry, and becoming a Style Coach™ was a natural progression.

The Clothing industry has given Daena solid insight in how a garment should fit, proportions, colour, fabrics, silhouettes and how they all affect the body. Over the years she has developed her passion and refined her natural talent as a personal stylist by providing style and shopping advice with proven results.

Daena’s genuine and down to earth approach, combined with her friendly professional manner instantly puts her clients at ease when working with her. Your experience with Daena will always be fun and rewarding, just like having a stylish knowledgeable friend with you.

“My goals as your personal Style Coach™ include: helping you organise your wardrobe, re-style existing clothes and accessories, refresh your look and help you define and develop your personal style. I believe looking your best every day is easily achievable….when you know what works for you.
And it all starts with what’s in your wardrobe!“                                                                   

What clients say about Daena:

“Thanks for tackling my wardrobe D and for coming up with a whole new way of  dressing and managing my clothes. You helped me take out all those pieces  that never quite felt right and got me on track with colours and shapes that I’d never have considered and now enjoy wearing so much. I particularly enjoyed going shopping with you, and now shop in a much more efficient and enjoyable way. Thanks D”- Louise Vaughan (Marrickville NSW)
“I was very lucky to win a wardrobe makeover with Daena and since then my life has not been the same. I thought I knew my style and boy was I wrong, after a couple of hours with Daena I learnt more about the clothes, accessories that I should be wearing to suit my body shape and my style. I learnt that colour is a friend and can lift you up providing you follow a colour palate that matches your skin tone and hair colour. I now see my wardrobe in a different light and I am more confident in putting a look together 12 months ago I would’ve frowned at. Thanks so much Daena!” –  Anne Davies (Petersham NSW)