3 easy tips to help organise your wardrobe!

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Is your wardrobe a mess right now, you have no idea what you have and can’t find anything when you need it? And you’re also wandering how the hell it got like that so quickly? I think every woman can relate to this, including myself. These 3 tips on how to organize your wardrobe will get you started! A glass of wine by your side helps too!

There’s so many benefits of having less clothes and a neat wardrobe where you can see everything, and everything is in its place. The process of getting dressed, or rather picking out your outfit every day becomes so much easier! No more wasting time rummaging to find that ONE thing!

Starting your day without all the usual getting dressed dramas will be a joy! There will be no more screams of “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” or “THIS LOOKS AWFUL!” because you got rid of all the pieces that are not right for one reason or another. What’s left sitting in your wardrobe is clothes that make you look fab!

Culling your wardrobe can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve been putting it off and haven’t seen the back of your wardrobe since, oh I don’t know… 2010!

Well, no need to fret my lovely …you can ease your way into a major cull by first following my 3 tips below to get rid of the first 25% of the unflattering and the “GOD! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??” You should only have clothes that suit you, that fit you well and that you love in your wardrobe for ongoing confidence.

    Here we go:

  • If it doesn’t fit, you should let it go or put it in the alteration pile if it’s worth keeping. Use your wardrobe space for pieces that look amazing on you NOW.
  • Ask yourself “If I was out shopping right now, would I buy it?” If the answer is no, out it goes! You won’t wear it. Seriously….you won’t.
  • You know those pieces that you try on when choosing an outfit, you umm and arr about them when they’re on, but just never quite make it out the door? Yes, those clothes! There’s a reason why they don’t make the cut. It’s your subconscious saying “Something’s not quite right”. Chances are they will NEVER see the sun, so why hang onto them?


I hope these tips make your wardrobe organisation a little easier. If you have limited time and just want an expert to give you guidance on what to keep, check out my Style & Wardrobe Review here.

Love D xoxo