10 tips on how to dress a petite figure

July 4, 2014 Posted by dpaskov - No Comments

Most women want to look and feel good in their clothes. They want to feel attractive and also a little bit sexy, just for themselves, not for anyone else. It’s only natural to want to look and feel your best, and that includes the petite woman (under 5’4”). Looking stylish is all about knowing your body and understanding how to use clothes and accessorise to flatter.

Do you have a petite figure and you’re a little bit unsure how you should be dressing to look your best? Read on my lovely as I would like to share with you my top tips that I give to my clients, so you get familiar with the basics on how to elongate your body and always project a stylish image… every time.

1.Keep your outfit simple and uncluttered and the trims small to medium in scale.

2. Tailor your clothes to fit your body. This is crucial so find a tailor and make him your best friend.

3. Keep everything in proportion. No large patterns, big collars, wide belts and really chunky jewellery.

4. Avoid too much fabric, as excess fabric will overwhelm you.

5. Shoes really do matter. If you want to look taller choose a heeled shoe, but choose a low vamp to elongate the leg. Keep the heel slim to medium thickness. Blend your shoes to your trousers, hosiery or legs. Ankle boots or booties work best when worn with matching tights. With bare legs it cuts off the leg line and will make you appear shorter, especially with black shoes.

6. Choose one focal point at a time and make sure that it is where you actually want the eye to go.

7. Dress in one colour as it elongates the body, which means dresses will work well for you, either a knee length or a slim line maxi skirt. Tonal separates would also work well to lengthen the body.

8. Avoid oversized bags. They will swamp you and make you look even tinier.

9. Choose V or U shaped necklines as they elongate the neck.

10. Avoid bulky garments like chunky jumpers, and thick fabrics. They add width not height.

Take inspiration from petite Rachel Bilson in the photo who always looks stylish and in proportion!

Go forth and be stylish my petites! Own your style with confidence!